For Our Consideration: The Rocketeer is the best possible successor to Indiana Jones

When Disney announced that they’d be releasing a fifth Indiana Jones movie directed by Steven Spielberg, it was inevitable. Since they purchased Lucasfilm, Disney has aggressively expanded Star Wars, but with few other franchise options available (sorry, underground Radioland Murders fandom), it was only a matter of when Disney would revive Harrison Ford’s fedora-donning hero. Now that Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm, it can make superhero movies of different kinds until, to paraphrase Troy McClure, they become unprofitable. Indiana Jones doesn’t have a cape or super-strength, but his ability to evade any obstacle—boulder or heart-pulling baddie or something worse—is equivalent to that of Captain America, a lightsaber-wielding Rey, or other heroes. Maybe Spielberg wants to atone for the negative reactions associated with Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which tried to pass the fedora and whip onto walking meme Shia LaBeouf. But …

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