For Our Consideration: The original Super Mario Bros. remains Mario’s loneliest quest

It’s Super Mario Bros. Week here on Gameological! In honor of the series’ 30th anniversary, we’re paying tribute the best way we know how: a week of essays and articles devoted to all things Super Mario Bros.

This week marks 30 years since the original Japanese release of Super Mario Bros., and to celebrate, Nintendo released a crowdsourced fan video with players paying tribute to the game’s plumber hero. The video puts Mario at the center of a global community, an icon surrounded by loving friends. This is the image Nintendo favors for its flagship character in 2015, and the modern Mario games reflect that—from Mario Galaxy to Mario Kart, the hero is consistently the anchor for a larger world of fun Nintendo characters. It’s worth noting, though, that the game we’re celebrating is the loneliest game in the Mario canon, and in fact …

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