For Our Consideration: The new Xbox is in the right place at the wrong time

Back at E3, Microsoft announced that, after just three years of the console being on the market, two new versions of the Xbox One were already on the way. We’ve yet to hear more about Project Scorpio, which will feature a big technological upgrade over the original when it launches next fall, but the more modest update, known as the Xbox One S, is already in the wild. Microsoft sent one our way—specifically, the $300 bundle that comes with Battlefield 1—and I’ve spent the last few weeks toying with it on the fancy pants 4K-HDR TV I bought myself, after finally giving up on the hunk of junk that had been my stalwart screen for the last 10 years. Usually, we don’t dive too far into the techy aspects of gaming, but with multiple versions of both major consoles set to be on store shelves …

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