For Our Consideration: The Martian is the rare Hollywood blockbuster for adults

On Sunday, February 28, the Academy will honor the previous year in cinema with a slew of awards, waiting until the end of the night to bestow Best Picture on one of eight nominees. Leading up to the ceremony, we’re posting a piece a day on each of these major Oscar contenders.

For a few short, blissfully naïve weeks, I was all but convinced that The Martian was destined to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards this coming Sunday. Making early Oscar predictions is at best a crapshoot, as anyone who prematurely called Boyhood a lock last year can certainly attest. Even still, Ridley Scott’s red-planet survival yarn looked like a no-brainer to these eyes. Here, after all, was a crowd-pleaser based on a bestseller, helmed by a veteran director, and anchored by a major movie star, leading a sprawling cast of former nominees and familiar faces …

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