For Our Consideration: The lonesome death of pop culture icon Pinhead

He was never meant to be famous

Clive Barker published The Hellbound Heart in 1986. Coming off the heels of the author’s highly praised short story collections The Books Of Blood, Barker had been anointed the “new face of horror” by no less an authority than Stephen King. Then The Hellbound Heart caught the attention of Hollywood. Barker, who already had a fair amount of experience with filmmaking, convinced the studio to let him write and direct the adaptation of his novella in exchange for handing over future rights. The movie—Hellraiser—now a cult classic was not a commercial success, but sequels were commissioned regardless, and Barker would go on to have less and less influence on each successive sequel, until the series finally sputtered out in the purgatory of direct-to-video. The later appeal of the original, however, hasn’t dimmed, and rumors of a reboot or a …

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