For Our Consideration: The dark, delicate dollhouse of Doll & Em

When Doll & Em debuted Stateside last year, it was greeted as another showbiz satire. After all, Emily Mortimer plays herself, an actress who takes in her childhood friend, Dolly Wells, played by herself. Susan Sarandon and Chloë Sevigny show up in the second episode. Andy Garcia follows. We hang out on a movie set, there’s a wünderkind first-time director, and everyone’s a bit larger than life. Doll & Em was our new Episodes, which was our new Extras. If that were the whole story, the yawns would be understandable. But that isn’t the half of it.

Emily doesn’t just take Dolly in; she takes Dolly on as her personal assistant. It’s supposed to be a pretext for the pair to spend some quality time together. Emily isn’t seriously going to make her best friend get up at the crack of dawn to get …

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