For Our Consideration: That’s enough, computer: 76 rejected OK Computer think-pieces

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer, a landmark album that has already been feted with an expansive new reissue, as well as numerous new articles about the album’s lingering impact—particularly its prescient vision of a modern society ruled by fascistic corporatocracy and defined by feelings of alienation, malaise, and information overload, all written, incredibly, in a slightly less modern version of that. Indeed, there’s just so much to say about this very important record that somehow hasn’t already been said over 20 years of music criticism, ultimately The A.V. Club couldn’t come up with just one hot take that felt perfect. So here are all 76 of them.

1. OK Computer, Fox News, and the prescience of “Hitler haircuts” in the age of Trump

2. Your opinion is of no consequence: How “Paranoid Android” anticipated Twitter

3. First against …

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