For Our Consideration: Simpsons writers share their memories of the late Kevin Curran

Kevin Curran, longtime writer-producer for The Simpsons and an alum of Late Night With David Letterman and Married… With Children, died yesterday at his Los Angeles home after a long illness. His death was confirmed by Antonia Coffman, publicist for The Simpsons. He was 59.

Like more than a few other members of The Simpsons‘ creative team, Curran was a Harvard man, serving as both a writer and an editor of the Harvard Lampoon before graduating in 1992. It was at Harvard where Curran first met Al Jean, who—in addition to working with Curran on the Lampoon—would go on to become the showrunner of The Simpsons.

“Most of us at the Lampoon weren’t perfect fits for Harvard, which is why we joined the Lampoon,” Jean tells The A.V. Club. “Here’s a college story you might like: Kevin lived in Dunster House, where someone had meticulously …

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