For Our Consideration: Remembering Carrie Fisher, the writer

When I first heard that Carrie Fisher had written a novel several years ago, it seemed like an absurd one-off, like Don Johnson’s album with Barbra Streisand, or a line of Kathy Ireland sportswear. But Fisher could turn a phrase. And in light of all the recent The Force Awakens/Rogue One rejuvenation (in some form, Fisher appears in both), Fisher’s true writing talent is in danger of getting lost in the Death Star shuffle.

Fisher is being described across social media as a woman “who gave no fucks” as she gleefully poked fun at the movie that made her famous at 19, while chiding those who despaired that she had aged in the almost four decades since Star Wars premiered. But she long had (the past tense is paining me here) a musical gift for rearranging familiar words and phrases into something else entirely: She was funny …

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