For Our Consideration: Pack up your knives and die: Bitter Feast turned cooking into horror

This article discusses major plot points of the 2010 indie horror film Bitter Feast.

Unbelievable stress, the potential for public embarrassment, the risk of being shamed by Gordon Ramsay—these are the things that make cooking competition shows compelling viewing (and in some cases, send contestants, like Elaine Mayfield, to the emergency room). Even if you’ve never worked in a kitchen yourself, it’s impossible not to cringe when you see a plate of runny risotto or a sad, collapsed soufflé make its way to the Top Chef judges’ table. Joe Maggio’s indie horror film Bitter Feast understands these anxieties, and it turns them into pure dread.

Released in 2010 to minimal fanfare, Bitter Feast follows a celebrity chef, Peter Grey (James LeGros), whose career takes a huge hit after a popular blogger, J.T. Franks (Joshua Leonard), writes a caustic review of his restaurant. As a result …

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