For Our Consideration: Our writer finished the Star Wars marathon in less than 12 parsecs

2:48 a.m.

Thank God I snuck a Fiber One bar in here with me. I spent some time looking over the movie theater snack bar options, and they are something less than ideal when it comes to getting a day’s worth of nutrition. There are, unsurprisingly, no healthy options when it comes to food, because this isn’t one of those fancy-pants theaters where you can order kale chips with a colonic on the side. This is your standard-issue modern suburban movie theater, with nice, comfy seats and a decent offering of foodstuffs—just not of the good-for-you variety. I could have chosen one of those places for this marathon, as my Chicago residency puts me within Lyft distance of several, but I wasn’t thinking about that when I bought my tickets. I was thinking about big comfy seats, and the fact that I’d have …

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