For Our Consideration: Odd latecomers make a console’s end the best time to explore its library

Fashionably late: The same rules for when to arrive and leave a party hold true for video game consoles as well. Never show up too early. Is it exciting to get there before everyone else, maybe wait in line for a midnight release, sharing some weird, high-end booze you brought? Sure, but you’ll just end up buzzed before everyone else and playing lame games like Knack. It’s far more important to leave late, though. You never want to leave before things get weird. Parties and game consoles don’t necessarily peak when the guests do.

Sometimes you need to wait until its 5 a.m., when there’re only a few people left drinking straight from the Franzia bladder, and you’re all watching the sun come up after you decided to trade pants. The video game equivalent of this is the last 18 months or so of …

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