For Our Consideration: Meyer in ’16? The pop-culture presidential ads you voted for—and against

Earlier this year, we had our readers cast their ballots in a fictional pop-culture-president race between some of the most noteworthy fake leaders of the free world. The people have spoken, and as it turns out, America is ready for a woman president. With more than double the votes of the next closest candidate, Veep‘s Selina Meyer trounced the competition, proving once more that competency is no barrier to getting elected to the highest office in the land. And despite a very tight three-way competition for last place, an unexpected champion (or champions, rather) emerged: The dual co-presidential ticket of White House Down‘s John Sawyer and Olympus/London Has Fallen‘s Benjamin Asher. They may leave the White House in worse shape than they found it, but at least they’ll be relegated to last place while doing so.

As promised, The A.V. Club‘s video team …

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