For Our Consideration: Marvel’s new Secret Wars promises to change everything

In 1985, DC Comics published the first issue of Crisis On Infinite Earths, one of the first series ever sold on the explicit promise to “change everything.” This phrase has been mightily abused in the three decades following this series—and there were other Crises, many of them, both before and after 1985. But to this day, even after Zero Hour: A Crisis In Time, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis, Crisis On Infinite Earths still stands as the Crisis.

Crisis On Infinite Earths became the ultimate by doing the one thing every subsequent Crisis has failed to do: It really did change everything. Before Crisis, DC had five decades of complex and often contradictory stories in play. Before 1985, there were multiple Earths: Earth-1, a timeline that began roughly at the onset of the Silver Age in the late 1950s, as well as was Earth-2, which was actually …

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