For Our Consideration: Just who plays Dungeons & Dragons these days?

The strangest thing about being in a room playing Dungeons & Dragons with Joe Manganiello, star of the Magic Mike movies and True Blood, is that no one here finds it odd. The actor-producer is still required to test his mettle in battles that grow increasingly dramatic and perilous, especially once game designer Chris Perkins joins the melee. None of his fellow adventurers is looking for an autograph or photo op; all they want to know is whether they can rely on Randy The Savage, his barbarian character, to get out of their latest scrape.

Such is the scene at the Stream Of Annihilation, a two-day event created by D&D developers, Wizards Of The Coast, to promote the newest storyline, Tomb Of Annihilation. The title should ring a few bells, as the upcoming adventure is rooted in the lore of Tomb Of Horrors, one of the most popular—and deadly …

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