For Our Consideration: It took more than Ian McShane and a prayer to get American Gods to your TV

The All-Father uses emoji. “This is the first time I’m saying this in an interview,” American Gods co-showrunner Michael Green divulges when talking with The A.V. Club last week. “Ian McShane: He makes fun of Instagram, Twitter. ‘Oh, that social thing I leave that to you’—he will text with emojis and GIFs. It means we’re in a world where we all have a much more complicated relationship with technology.”

That’s surprising news from an actor who joked with The A.V. Club about turning his back on modern technology, and even more notable considering the character he plays in Green’s series represents the world before gadgets and smiley-face icons. American Gods casts McShane as Mr. Wednesday, a.k.a. All-Father, a.k.a. the Norse deity Odin. He’s the leader of a group of old gods now moored in the U.S. and …

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