For Our Consideration: Is it fun or embarrassing staying in a Hard Rock Hotel?

I’m met at the San Diego airport by Erin, who works for Zimmerman Group. It’s the PR company behind a weekend-long journey I’m taking to the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. Ask the average A.V. Club reader what kind of person stays in a Hard Rock Hotel, and the answer would probably be “a dork.” But both Erin and her colleague Jill, who are our guides for the weekend, are almost unforgivably nice. They usher me into a special “Rock Royalty Lounge” hidden behind the public check-in front desks, an elite perk presumably created so that any actual famous hard rockers can flee the pleasing confines of the lobby area, and escape to the even more relaxing and comfortable seating that also doesn’t risk containing any normal human beings who may attempt to interact with the wealthier, and therefore better, people. I’m checked in …

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