For Our Consideration: How a resurrection really feels: On Mad Men and rebirth

On the surface, the Easter story is simple. A man is crucified. He dies and is buried. A few days later, he returns from the dead. But resurrection is more complicated than that. In the Bible, before his death, one of the miracles that Jesus enacts is raising a believer from the dead. Lazarus has been dead for four days when Jesus brings him back, calling his follower forth from the grave. You will often hear this act referred to as the resurrection of Lazarus, but that’s not strictly accurate. What Lazarus experienced was not resurrection, but resuscitation. When Jesus was resurrected, he was not merely raised from the dead. He returned transformed, to the extent that his followers, his closest companions, did not immediately recognize him. He was changed. He was a version of himself, one who still bore the wounds from his past, but he was not …

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