For Our Consideration: Here’s the real reason no one went to see Mia’s show in La La Land

Note: Minor plot points of La La Land are discussed below.

One of the saddest scenes in La La Land doesn’t involve the dissolution of the main characters’ relationship. Rather, it centers around the poor attendance of Mia’s one-woman show, So Long Boulder City. Here’s the setting: Emma Stone’s Mia finishes giving the performance of her life in a one-woman show that’s literally about her life, and when the lights go up, there’s hardly anyone in the theater, save for her friends. As a viewer, we’re left to sympathize with Mia’s pain, understanding that no matter how much work someone talented and pure of heart might put into a well-intended and well-executed project in Hollywood, it still might not be a success.

But here’s the thing: If you actually watch La La Land, it’s pretty easy to see why no …

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