For Our Consideration: Grease 2 is actually way cooler than the original

Yesterday, comedian Michael Showalter posted a seemingly innocuous comment on Twitter:

Someone needs to write a think-piece about the phenomenon of younger generations preferring Grease 2 to the original.

— Michael Showalter (@mshowalter) July 18, 2017

Perhaps to his own surprise, Showalter was almost immediately besieged by testimonials agreeing that, not only does Grease 2 hold up, it even surpasses the original. So here’s the think-piece he requested.

First, there’s the simple fact that many of us grew up with the 1982 sequel on a cable loop, often running more than the illustrious Grease. As a result, some of us know “Cool Rider” better than “Summer Nights.” But there’s another aspect that explains the sequel’s intense fandom: In the 1978 movie, idol-on-the-rise John Travolta plays the greaser Danny, while Australian pop singer Olivia Newton-John is the strait-laced Sandy. Theirs is a love story about trying to change …

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