For Our Consideration: For a reformed nü-metal fan, Chicago Open Air is a weekend of exhausting excess

The last time I saw Rob Zombie in concert I got hit in the back of the head with a giant clump of dirt. I was 18, and it was my second Ozzfest, the now-defunct touring festival, featuring Ozzy Osbourne and a whole day’s worth of heavy-metal opening acts. Rob was close to the top of the bill, doing his hillbilly shock-rocker thing for a visibly drunk, near-capacity crowd. As the mechanical stutter of “More Human Than Human” blared from the amphitheater speakers, my fellow festival-goers watching from the downward-sloping lawn section of the Verizon Wireless Music Center began ripping up the turf underneath them and hurling it in the general direction of the stage. It was a sight to see, this apocalyptic downpour, and it went so well with the ruckus being made by the band that I didn’t even really mind when one of those organic …

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