For Our Consideration: First Day Of Camp proves that size matters for reboots

There was little in Wet Hot American Summer to suggest it should be resurrected. Here was a self-contained movie from 14 years ago, a film without an expansive mythology to explore or complex themes to interrogate, or even dangling narrative threads to wrap up. But Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp wound up as one of the great pleasures of the summer, a series so easily enjoyed that
it’s only now sinking in what a rare accomplishment it was. Revivals have become fairly common in the pop culture landscape, to the point that when a beloved, little-watched show is canceled from a network, the first thing fans ask is where else it might move to, as intact as possible. Even properties that are nearly as dormant as Wet Hot—Deadwood, Party Down—still get bandied about as candidates for spin-off movies or second lives on …

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