For Our Consideration: Everyone should play Everything, the beautiful, bizarre game about, well, everything

The animator David OReilly is best known for designing the foul-mouthed alien video game in Spike Jonze’s Her, but his abrasively funny, absurdist work has also been seen in Adventure Time and in his own Octocat Adventures. In 2014, he made the leap to making actual games with Mountain, in which you play as a mountain. If that doesn’t sound exciting, you are right: Mountain is not an exciting game. Mountains don’t do much, it turns out. They just sort of sit there and are mountains. Accordingly, in Mountain, you couldn’t do anything. Hit the pause screen, and the controls come up for what the keyboard does (“nothing”) and what the mouse does (also “nothing”).

This is a bit of a feint, as the mouse actually rotates the camera, letting you view the mountain from any angle you choose, and banging the keyboard makes little majestic …

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