For Our Consideration: Even when you’re first in line, Force Friday leads Star Wars fans to the dark side

The past week saw an enormous press blitz, and attendant fan excitement, for the Star Wars merchandising release day officially dubbed Force Friday. Though it was kept secret as long as possible, details about the bevy of new toys, figurines, and other assorted paraphernalia related to a galaxy far, far away eventually leaked online, spurring the imagination of fans and triggering widespread anticipation for the event. In turn, stores coordinated midnight releases for the launch of these products, further stoking the excitement of anyone hoping to acquire Force-related merchandise. In an effort to see what all the hoopla was about, and whether the event did itself (and its fans) justice, The A.V. Club sent its intrepid reporter out to the wilds of several Chicago megastores, hoping to sort the products that stay in the light from the shoddy, boring, or just plain inexplicable movie tie-ins that clearly crossed over …

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