For Our Consideration: Don’t look for Gorillaz at a Gorillaz concert

A Gorillaz live show has never, strictly speaking, made any sense. The band’s musicians have always had an uneasy relationship with the gang of cartoon characters that portray them. In the early days, the cartoon was the band and that was it; they did their own Cribs episode, for example, and toured with a massive screen with cartoons broadcast on top of it. The actual musicians performed behind that screen, anonymized as much as possible. On the 2010 tour for Plastic Beach, Gorillaz eased up on that a little by creating an elaborate fiction that allowed them to muzzle the band, its human performers playing onstage while interstitial videos documented the story of the cartoons attempting to escape from backstage. At this point, they were already testing the audience’s suspension of disbelief, if not their entire willingness to go along with this whole cartoon-band conceit.

And yet the …

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