For Our Consideration: Daredevil kicked off a wrongheaded trend in comic-book-movie soundtracks

Comic books and cinema diverge in plenty of ways, but the ability to use music in the latter may be the most immediate aesthetic difference between the two mediums. Films and comics can often reproduce each other’s visual touchstones; some comics, especially action-oriented ones, could serve as storyboards for their cinematic adaptations, and even other aspects of sound, like dialogue, narration, and effects, can be approximated on the page or easily translated into a movie frame. But comics do not, as a rule, include much musical accompaniment. While some comics have explored specific musical subcultures, the best the rest can do is sneak in some song lyrics emanating from a drawing of headphones or a radio, or possibly offer playlist suggestions to accompany the reading experience.

Adapting comics to the screen, then, presents the opportunity to add sensory dimension to beloved characters, especially superheroes. Think of the grandeur of …

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