For Our Consideration: Citizen Trump: What the Donald’s love of Citizen Kane reveals about him

“Here’s a man who could’ve been president. Who was as loved and hated and talked about as much as any man in our time.”—Citizen Kane

No single movie can explain a man’s life. Nevertheless, it’s extremely telling that Donald Trump’s favorite movie is Citizen Kane, Orson Welles’ masterpiece about “America’s Kubla Khan.” If there’s anyone in the country who could find real, personal resonance in the film—as opposed to viewing it as a cautionary parable; its original title was the more overt American—it’s Trump.

The parallels between Trump and Charles Foster Kane are significant—more significant than the ones between him and the film character he’s usually compared to, A Face In The Crowd‘s Lonesome Rhodes (which is more of a Glenn Beck story). Most obviously, there’s the incredible wealth, a fortune half-earned, half-given. (Kane’s …

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