For Our Consideration: Blue Mountain State camps out on the line between irony and sexism

This week brought the release of Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland, a film based on the Spike TV series Blue Mountain State, which ended in 2011. The little-seen but much-beloved show now celebrates a triumphant Kickstarter campaign by giving its devotees the movie they’ve been waiting several years to see. Detailing the goings-on at a fictional university that boasts one of the top football teams in the country, it brings back good-natured protagonist Alex Moran (Darin Brooks), lunkheaded team captain Thad Castle (Alan Ritchson), blustering coach Marty Daniels (Ed Marinaro), and excruciatingly obnoxious team mascot Sammy Cacciatore (Chris Romano). Around them swirl a rotating roster of other players and—not to put too fine a point on it—an endless parade of interchangeable and scantily clad women. For fans, this was great news. But for others, this announcement was probably greeted with a sigh of dismay. Because …

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