For Our Consideration: American RuVolution: Drag’s journey from felony to prime time

Before the days of Vegas revues, commercial endorsements, and RuPaul’s Drag Race, the glamour and beauty of drag often hid a rough business. As Flawless Mother Sabrina (née Jack Doroshow) recalls, “I actually have a list that shows all the states and all the various penalties… it was a felony—cross-dressing was a felony!” Locked up more than once for her pioneering work as a performer and pageant promoter, she remains humorous about her place in history.

“If a man in a dress is going to find you guilty of being a man in a dress and call it a felony, there seemed to be something strange about that,” Sabrina says. “Granted, mine was gaudy and the judge was in black, but nonetheless it was just a couple bitches in dresses and I couldn’t quite get the handle on it. It was too illogical, but I didn’t …

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