For Our Consideration: All that sass: The albums that define the ‘00s dance-punk era

Digging through the contemporary dance-punk canon of the early ’00s, it’s pretty easy to bridge a few characteristics back to the ’80s glam-metal party, but only at the most basic of levels. For example, the musicianship of both eras is pretty undeniable, but the cock-of-the-walk swagger—stylistically in both hair and riff—can often get in the way, ultimately resulting in a sort of vapid lump of gloop that feels absolutely fucking immovable years later. And that’s really what has made both of the scenes more fascinating in hindsight—they now feel fossilized, their sounds capturing the radio-ready zeitgeists of their respective decades.

None of this is to say that those American Apparel playlists of the ’00s were chock-full of drivel. Dance punk had so many microiterations, each scattering out from a greater aesthetic like the shreds of an exploding firecracker. Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays, for …

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