For Our Consideration: 30 years ago, Goldie Hawn staked a claim in football for women

We need more women in football. Look no further than tonight’s Super Bowl for evidence. Historically, women have been relegated to the periphery of the game, most often as supplemental entertainment—whether as cheerleaders, sideline reporters, or one of a select few chosen to sing an anthem, or perform a halftime show. Meanwhile, female fans of the sport are forced to reconcile their overall absence of representation all while being pandered to (something Diana Moskovitz and Jolie Kerr deftly dissected for Deadspin recently) for the sake of profit growth.

Take last month as further evidence of how unwelcome women remain in this arena. When the Buffalo Bills hired Kathryn Smith as their special teams quality control coach, making her the first ever full-time female coach in the NFL (a 95-year-old organization), for all the uplifting media attention she received, there was unsurprisingly still a certain amount of sexism surrounding …

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