For Our Consideration: 20 years after Diablo, every game is Diablo

It took a single day for David Brevik, Diablo‘s foremost creator, to realize he was wrong about the game that would turn out to be his studio’s big break. As it was originally conceived, players marched their warriors through the game’s dungeons one step at a time, taking turns with the creatures around them to move and attack. But shortly after agreeing to publish Diablo, one of Blizzard’s founders insisted the game had to change: The strategic turn-based pace had to be jettisoned in favor of real-time hacking and slashing action. After some convincing, Brevik sat at his computer, spent an afternoon tinkering with Diablo‘s code, and, as he put it, gave birth to a new genre of video game.

The game Diablo became after that fateful day will turn 20 on December 31, but Brevik’s baby is more relevant than ever. For better …

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