Filibustered: The election’s over: Which pundit is the most desperate to keep it going?

The people have spoken, the votes have been counted, and the results are clear: Everyone wants this unpleasant election to be over. For many, the end couldn’t have come soon enough, with the experience of living through the previous seven or eight weeks yawing vertiginously through their minds, sending them reeling from any comfort or stability, just hoping they could hold on until last night, and then blissfully watch the clock run out. Followed by roughly a metric ton, if Twitter is to be believed, of alcohol consumption per person of voting age in America, and more than a few younger than that. Of course, those kids were going to get their hands on wine coolers regardless of the outcome. (For others, including anyone with the slightest history of being oppressed on the basis of color, creed, gender, or ability, the nightmare might just be beginning.)

But there’s …

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