Filibustered: Grow up, Oliver Stone

Filibustered is Alex McCown’s column about the overlap between politics and pop culture.

Oliver Stone has always fancied himself a revisionist historian, a bold truth-teller speaking facts to power. Unfortunately, so does every conspiracy theorist who’s ever lived. The producer/director has made a career of colorful interpretations of history, but as he’s progressed from his early, all-Vietnam-all-the-time work, to his more exploratory character studies (Nixon, W.), to his recent turn toward documentary work, he’s never varied from a fascination with the hidden, the secretive, and the off-the-record aspects of the politicized past. But if The Putin Interviews, Stone’s new four-part series of conversations with the Russian president, often comes across like the filmmaker’s attempt at making his own version of the Frost-Nixon discussions, it also abandons any attempt at getting a straight answer from him. (Not that Stone himself doesn’t still seem …

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