Field Guide To Parenting: Spend Halloween with monsters only a mother could love

Our A.V. Club Field Guide To Parenting is designed to guide you toward the best kids’ books, shows, movies, and music, just like we do with The A.V. Club for adults. Every month or so, we will feature a new subject with a few essential pop-culture takes parents should know, saving you from the mountains of kids’ dreck out there.

M Is For Monsters

Ah, Halloween, the push-me/pull-you of children’s holidays. Pro: Candy. Con: Scary monsters. Pro: Playing dress up. Con: Nightmares for the rest of the year. So what’s the best way to ease your child into the Halloween fun without giving them fear complexes that they’ll spend years of therapy getting over? Once again, The A.V. Club parents are here to help with some kid-friendly entry points into the world of monsters: a rebooted beloved series, some friendly and familiar furry …

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