Field Guide To Parenting: Our parenting guide gets lost in space

Our A.V. Club Field Guide To Parenting is designed to guide you toward the best kids’ books, shows, movies, and music, just like we do with The A.V. Club for adults. Every month or so, we will feature a new subject with a few essential pop-culture takes parents should know, saving you from the mountains of kids’ dreck out there.

O is for Outer Space

Since almost every child wants to be an astronaut at some point, outer space is one of those things you have to explain to kids sooner rather than later. For example, why Pluto was once a planet but now is not, and whether or not it was named after Mickey Mouse’s dog. As your young offspring try to establish their position in this ever-expanding universe, you may soon find yourself in over your head. Luckily pop culture offers lots of outer space …

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