Fasntastic Fest: Dancing with the devil and catching up with some Klowns at Fantastic Fest

The fourth day of Fantastic Fest took place on the same day as the super blood moon eclipse, a coincidence that wasn’t lost on Southbound co-director Roxanne Benjamin, who told the audience before a packed screening to “dig down to all the worst things you’ve ever done” while watching the film, then to take advantage of that evening’s lunar event as an opportunity for a fresh start. Those instructions were reflected in yesterday’s slate of films, three occult and occult-adjacent horror films (followed by a X-rated Danish comedy sequel, because that’s how things go here). Patterns are emerging: Black goats. Larry Fessenden, who showed up for a third time yesterday. Sinister dinner parties. Bottomless scenes. Is Fantastic Fest trying to tell me something? Will I end up eating Satanic goat burgers with a half-nude Larry Fessenden before the week is out? Maybe it’s just …

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