Fantastic Fest: Zoë Bell, John Hawkes, and exploding heads highlight day 3 of Fantastic Fest

With the weekend came the crowds, and the action movies, at Fantastic Fest. My day started with the world premiere of Camino (B-), which reunites Raze director Josh Waller and star Zoë Bell. This time, Bell plays a photojournalist who is sent to the Columbian jungle to document a self-proclaimed band of heavily armed “missionaries” led by megalomanaical Spaniard Nacho Vigalondo. Vigalondo, better known as a director, is capable in a role written for him, but does the “charming” bit better than the “psychopath.” Bell, on the other hand, is coming into her own as an actress as well as a stuntwoman, and a brutal, thrilling fight to the death between Bell and a CIA-trained mercenary at the halfway mark forms the centerpiece of the film. The script, however, fails to live up to the promise of that fight, and despite heavily telegraphing its themes in Bond-villain monologues, Camino left …

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