Fantastic Fest: Nicolas Winding Refn shows off posters; Guillermo Del Toro shows off Crimson Peak

It rained in Austin yesterday afternoon, a rare enough occurrence, according to my Uber driver, to completely mess up the already-terrible Austin traffic. (Everywhere you go, everyone says that their beer is the best, and their traffic the worst.) I said that I must have brought it with me from Chicago, and the driver laughed; but it actually heralded the arrival of Guillermo del Toro, who must have been sitting in the same terrible traffic waiting to introduce a surprise screening of Crimson Peak. A grey and rainy afternoon isn’t quite a dark and stormy night, but it’s close enough for Texas.

First was a stopover at the Mondo gallery for the opening reception of Nicolas Winding Refn: The Act Of Seeing, an exhibit of exploitation posters from Refn’s extensive collection. The gallery show, consisting of bold, lurid poster advertising bait-and-switch cheapies with titles like Ruined and …

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