Fantastic Fest: Highbrow horror and lowbrow comedy collide on the first day of Fantastic Fest

Although it’s not the longest film festival out there—only one week to Fantasia’s three, for example—you have to be careful not to get burnt out at Fantastic Fest. Okay, so there’s the constant temptation of full food and alcohol service at every screening. And nobody loves a theme party more than the Alamo Drafthouse: Over the course of the opening evening, the lobby of the Alamo South Lamar changed from a Shining theme to Christmas in September, leading to a steady stream of nerds in horror T-shirts posing for pictures with Santa. But just because you ran into a friend you hadn’t seen in a few years (dressed in a reindeer suit, naturally) in the lobby doesn’t mean you should stay up until last call, eventually crashing a karaoke party and doing what you thought at the time was a pretty decent rendition …

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