Fantastic Fest: Black Pepper, Black Phillip, and Green Room on day 6 of Fantastic Fest

The hangover from the previous night’s Feud still slithering down the back of my neck like an 80-proof slug, I arrived late and was seated in a folding chair in a packed theater for the second secret screening of Fantastic Fest. Advertised as “The Holy Grail of holy fucking shit” in a hyperbolic Drafthouse Films press release, the film turned out to be Dangerous Men (Ungradable), which—full disclosure—screened at an event I was involved in several ears ago in L.A. That didn’t diminish the pleasure of watching this fascinatingly misguided work of outsider art with an audience, however; the theater howled with laughter at every clunky line reading (which is most of them), flaccid karate chop (which is all of them), and egregiously ’80s fashion choice (which stays remarkably consistent, considering the film took a reported 20 years to finish before finally seeing a minuscule …

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