Fantastic Fest: An arresting debut, a Bava remake, and an insane trivia night on day five of Fantastic Fest

So I’m standing in an alley behind the Alamo Drafthouse, wearing way more eyeliner than usual, and I keep forgetting what day it is. I do know that it’s hot, and Elijah Wood is standing across from me, enthusiastically describing a script he recently read. (Elijah Wood is an enthusiastic person in general, as it turns out. It’s endearing.) We’re waiting with 10 other people for the Fantastic Feud, an annual trivia competition where pro wrestling-style theatrics and excessive consumption are encouraged. I’m on Team Female—although we prefer the name The Fabulous Stains—along with five other women, and we’ve been tasked with defending female fandom at a festival where, to be perfectly honest, the “bearded guy in black T-shirt” fan stereotype largely holds true. Spoiler alert: We lost, but barely. Not even the boys’ team knew the name of the ship from …

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