Expert Witness: Chad VanGaalen on doing stupid human tricks for David Letterman

In entertainment, an awful lot of stuff happens behind closed doors, from canceling TV shows to organizing music festival lineups. While the public sees the end product on TVs, movie screens, paper, or radio dials, they don’t see what it took to get there. In Expert Witness, The A.V. Club talks to industry insiders about the actual business of entertainment in hopes of shedding some light on how the pop-culture sausage gets made.

Chad VanGaalen is a talented musician and award-winning filmmaker/visual artist based in Calgary, Alberta (his latest album, Shrink Dust, came out last year on both Flemish Eye and Sub Pop Records). On February 27, 2002, prior to becoming somewhat indie-rock famous, VanGaalen and his pal Mark Feddes appeared as participants on the popular Late Show With David Letterman segment “Stupid Human Tricks.” VanGaalen talked to The A.V. Club about how he ended up …

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