DVR Club: Hannibal jumps ahead three years, goes meta

This week in DVR Club Erik Adams and Becca James meet the cast three years in the future in “The Great Red Dragon.” Much to Becca’s chagrin, Alana Bloom is still alive. Luckily, so is the rest of the gang and they’ve been joined by a new serial killer—the Tooth Fairy. As Frederick Chilton explains in an especially meta moment, the new guy on the block may not have as “snappy” a nickname as Hannibal The Cannibal, but he does have a much wider demographic, whereas Hannibal “will always have niche appeal,” much like Hannibal and the dichotomy of a dedicated fanbase unable to provide the necessary ratings to keep NBC from canceling it. Watch the video for more thoughts on this episode and how the show will finish its run.

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