DVR Club: Does the Wall finally stop sucking in this week’s Game Of Thrones?

We’ve got a new co-host, staff writer Alex McCown, talking Game Of Thrones this week, and he’s here to defend the Wall and its Lord Commander Jon Snow from charges of being way too serious and boring. That’s where we begin today’s DVR Club, about the ironically titled Mother’s Day episode “Kill The Boy.” But there’s a lot more to cover, like Thrones‘ new emphasis on demonstrating how evil the Bolton family really is—including a proposed sitcom spinoff, That’s My Ramsey!—the continued suffering of poor Sansa Stark, and some sound advice for Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister. Then we’ve got ice zombies, water zombies, and even zombies of the air as we speculate on what will happen next week.

For more Thrones analysis that probably puts a finer point on whether the Stone Men are zombies (they’re not), check …

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