DVD Review: Tim and Eric tell a bedtime story where the horror relies on romance

An American Werewolf In London and The Fly (King Cronenberg Version) are both ‘80s horror films that use slow-burn practical effects as a means of scaring the audience. But there’s another key component to their terror: romance. In each movie, the protagonist’s gradual transformation into a monster happens at the same time as their blossoming relationship with a woman. Even when they get around to killing people, we still feel bad for them because we’ve seen them be tender with someone they deeply care about. We’ve seen them at their most human.

Matt Peters (not Saracen), the everyman played by Zach Gilford at the center of “Tornado,” isn’t a monster, but he does harbor a dark secret that—as with David Kessler and Seth Brundle’s tragic mutations—becomes more dire once he falls in love. The secret goes all the way back to his …

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