DVD Review: The Editor is a lovingly hackneyed homage to a one-note genre

The Editor is a movie based on a single stylistic reference, and as such it can’t help but be one-note. Giallo homages have become something of a subgenre unto themselves in recent years; Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani have basically built their entire careers around lush, sexy tributes to the lush, sexy genre, and Berberian Sound Studio shares both a film-studio setting and reality-bending meta approach with The Editor. Tonally, however, The Editor—which hails from Canadian ironic-throwback specialists Astron-6, who also produced Manborg and Father’s Day—couldn’t be more different from its contemporaries.

Rather than attempt to elevate the gialloa genre that produced as many Z-grade potboilers as Hitchcockian classics, probably more—The Editor revels in its unsavoriness, lovingly sending up the genre’s more lurid tendencies. (There’s a lot of nudity in this movie, but there kind of has to be.) This approach …

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