DVD Review: Captive wasn’t the breakthrough many expected of its Pinoy director

Six or seven years ago, if you asked just about anyone who followed the film festival scene to name the next big movie culture hot spot, chances are good they’d point to the Philippines. Here was a country with a complicated, under-examined history and a commercial film industry large enough to be rebelled against—the stuff New Waves are made of—and it was producing smart critics and unique, prolific filmmakers. And if you asked these same people which Pinoy talent would be the first to bust out of the festival sidebar and into American arthouses, they’d probably single out Brillante Mendoza.

Cannes ’09 was supposed to be the flash point for the great Filipino crossover. Art-damaged Raya Martin had a film in the Un Certain Regard section, plus a collaboration with the even more prolific Adolfo Alix Jr. playing as a special screening, and Mendoza—in the …

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