DVD Review: Bob Dylan jokes, argues, and bullshits his way through the essential Dont Look Back

Dont Look Back is in such a hurry to get going that it doesn’t even have time to find an apostrophe for its title. Shot during Bob Dylan’s 1965 London tour, which took place just after the release of Bringing It All Back Home (his first “electric” album, albeit only on side A), D.A. Pennebaker’s landmark documentary opens with the famous music video—or “promotional film,” as they were then called—for “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” in which Dylan stands in place glaring at the camera and revealing select lyrics on a series of hand-drawn cue cards. The movie is only two minutes old when the song ends, and it’s already legendary. But the fly-on-the-wall footage that follows is every bit as memorable, alternating between Dylan performing (both onstage and behind the scenes) and Dylan sparring with fans and the British press. He was all of …

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