DVD Review: An overqualified cast and a lurid twist can’t save The Harvest

For its first 45 or so minutes, The Harvest plays like a creaky, made-for-TV domestic drama, until a barely foreshadowed twist turns the film into a lurid (though still creaky) adolescent-wish-fulfillment potboiler of the V.C. Andrews variety. Its imagery is symbolic house fires, secret medical procedures, hidden children, and all sorts of things that should sustain interest on their own, but will struggle to keep viewers’ attention from drifting elsewhere—namely, to the wallpaper and the sweaters.

Snowflake sweaters with coat toggles, cable-knit turtlenecks, shawl-collar cardigans, and even one of those floral-pattern-and-leather-epaulette combos that seem to go straight to the Urban Outfitters clearance rack: The Harvest features the most thorough and diverse collection of sweaters ever assembled for a feature film. But if the most interesting thing about a movie is the sweater selection—and if said movie features Samantha Morton and Michael Shannon as a pair of creepy …

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